Welcome to the website for these two companies, a network for rowers who travel. Launched in January 2013, the companies are new and evolving. Engaging rowers will be a critical part of building the company, designing tours and creating services. We genuinely want to know what rowers think and want regarding rowing travel. Please spend some time here and especially share your ideas and your passion for rowing and travel. There are many ways to connect, and we would love to hear from you.

Two New Companies

Rowing The World™ and The Rowing Concierge are two new companies, both focussed on rowers who love to travel. Rowing is a sport that is about place - where you row and the experience of rowing matters. Travel is about place and experiences. Rowing and travel make a natural pair, a good double.

What We Do

Rowing The World™ offers vacations where rowing is the main focus of the trip. Rowing The World™ is an adventure travel company, oriented to rowers. The Rowing Concierge facilitates opportunities for a row when you are already travelling. This could mean arranging a workout with a crew when you are in a city for business, or organizing a row for the pure pleasure of being on the water in a new and interesting location.


The core idea of the two companies is creating a network which connects rowers who love to travel. So, this is about all rowers. Whether you are a recreational sculler or a competitive, “rowing for life” athlete, whether you live in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand or anywhere else in the world, Rowing The World™ and The Rowing Concierge can offer you suitable and delightful rowing travel experiences, in your own country or continent or across the globe.

Sculls on Monterey Bay

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What people think of Rowing The World & The Rowing Concierge

Prosecco and canapés at the boathouse

I have been lucky enough to spend a fair amount of time in Italy and Switzerland, for business and pleasure. But I have never before experienced anything like rowing out of Bellagio, on Lago Maggiore and at Orta.

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Seeclub Küsnacht is ready to row.

Ruth Marr organized for us as a group of five the tour on the Shannon, just a week after the FISA World Rowing Tour.  We had a very individual tour with highly interesting sights and adventure on the river and sightseeing points, perfectly organized by Ruth. Ruth chose nice hotels and picked beautiful places to eat. Thanks to her, when the water was not rowable, we got a well-organized alternative program, so we got to see other beautiful places in Ireland. She was a very agreeable guide and companion…we love her for that and thank her deeply!

Rowing on Lake Como

Rowing on Lake Como was a highlight of our recent trip to northern Italy. Rowing Concierge organised this for our crew, we simply set the date which suited us and Ruth Marr took care of the details. We rowed in a beautiful wooden 8+ ‘Città di Como’, built in the 1950s.  Our rowing partners from Lario club were delightful and hospitable. A marvellous and truly memorable experience.

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